Former Valdosta State Prison Corrections Officer Sentenced To 46 Months

By Tiffany Williams –

On Thursday in Georgia, U.S. District Judge W. Louis sentenced Melissa Crawford, 53, of Macon, Georgia to 46 months in prison to be followed by four years of supervised release.

Crawford who is a former corrections officer at the Valdosta State Prison was the target of an investigation conducted by the Georgia Department of Corrections and the  DEA.

On January 8, 2019 investigators received information that Crawford would be smuggling contraband into the Valdosta State Prison on January 9.

On January 9, Crawford and another corrections officer chosen were informed that their vehicles were to be searched at which time Crawford attempted to leave the premises in her car and while doing so she almost hit another officer.

After being stopped, Crawford admitted she attempted to leave because there were narcotics in her car.

A search of Crawford’s car revealed 27.53 grams of methamphetamine, a quantity of marijuana and four cell phones packaged in Ziplock bags.

Crawford later admitted to DEA agents that she smuggled in contraband on at least four prior occasions and was paid via Green Dot cards for her deliveries of contraband to an inmate.

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